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  1. Hi maria, This is an ifm product, please contact ifm for support. As a guess I would say it looks like saturation due to overexposure but I am not familiar with this device. BR, Ilona
  2. Please contact pmd directly by email using sales [at] pmdtec.com
  3. Dear Ilona, I was wondering whether the specsheet for the PhotonICs®PMD
    41k-S2 (200x200) used in the CamCube 3 is still available, and if so, if I might be able to acquire it via you. Thanks in advance!

    1. LowKnee


      Hi Ward,

      no this is not available anymore because the imager is also not available anymore.

      Best, Ilona

  4. Hi, please contact the pmd team directly by email for pico flexx support. Please use your personal contact at pmd or contact picoflexx[at]pmdtec.com
  5. Please contact your pmd contact person directly or use picoflexx@pmdtec.com
  6. Hi, you do not need a level 2 activation code for pico flexx MDK. The matlab wrapper is included in the royale software download. Royale is currently available through pmdtec.com/picoflexx , the password for customer login is shared with every pico flexx. If you have a pico flexx and are missing the password please contact pmd directly: picoflexx@pmdtec.com
  7. Hi, have you tried the latest download (royale 1.6.0) ? Is this working better? I know that for Android devices there was a lot of improvement on the fps
  8. Usually it´s within the USB 2.0 spec but due to modulation of the illumination there might be some peaks which are above. And like mentioned above unfortunately not all USB ports are powerful enough, especially on Laptops.
  9. The Software for pico flexx is called Royale . The Royale framework is completely designed in C++ using the C++11 standard. Besides the royaleviewer.exe application, the package also provides a Royale SDK which can be used to develop applications. Royale supports the following operating systems: • Windows 7/8 • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 14.04) • OS X (tested on El Capitan 10.11) • Android (minimum android version 4.1.0. Tested on Android 4.4.2 and 5.1.1) Royale is available through customer login at pmdtec.com/picoflexx
  10. Hi, have you tried using an active USB Hub?
  11. Hi blackball, Attaching a USB camera device to an Android smartphone is not something done very often and such one is facing challenges to secure a stable framerate. We are aware of this and constantly working to improve this with upcoming releases, however an Android smartphone is not expressively made to receive a camera data stream via USB and there might be limitations in the future, which remain. We like to emphasize that the CamBoard pico flexx is well capable to stream the data in the required framerates; it is the USB connection on some Android smartphones, which cause the issues. Which version of royale are you using? libroyale_1.3.0.51 is the latest version as of today. We have a 3-weekly release cycle for new updates of the royale software framework (NOT to confuse with the PMDSDK which was used for the pico S, pico flexx has a new software framework called royale, available through www.pmdtec.com/picoflexx ) Br, Ilona
  12. Hi, did you try to unplug the CamBoard nano in this case and plug it in again? Usually this should work instead of completetly shutting down the whole system. Regards, Ilona
  13. Hi, the company behind the nimble software (3Gear / Nimble VR) has been acquired by Oculus. Due to that aquisition the software is not available at the moment. We are still in the process of determining if and how we can continue to offer nimbleUX. Regards, Ilona
  14. Hi, Please refer to the PMD SDK Manual included in the software download package . Regards, Ilona