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  1. How long did it take to realize this (based on the Omek SDK)?!
  2. Let's put it this way: Do you think, that one can realize tracking like you showed in the video using conventional camera data? Where do you see the highest benefit using "real 3D", instead of an 3D assumption you might do based on conventional data?
  3. BTW: What do you think are the most beneficial advantages using "real 3D" data like PMDs for this application!?
  4. Very nice.... will you expand the demo on more fingers/gestures?
  5. Wow! 1 LED ToF Gesture Control outside = A really great job...
  6. Hi, makes sense... however, I'm eager to see the demo:-)! Best, Bernd.
  7. Hi Eli. Will you integrate this functionality within Win 8?! Best, Bernd.
  8. Hi Eli, amazing, that it just took 3 days to realize this demo! I'm curious about upcoming stuff from you guys... Best, Bernd!
  9. Hi Denis, theoretoically you're right. But as every "real" device (e.g. photo diode arrays) shows some DC variations (also in the dfferent output channels) you see some "distortion" in the values. However, as we use the difference of both outputs, this is eliminated in the phase and subsequent range calculation. So again an advantage of the PMD principle. Best, Bernd.
  10. There were 2 CamBoards used in that demo dashboard, each one uses 2 IR LEDs. You can see those (LEDs) behind an IR transparent faceblade at the bottom or e.g. at timestamp 1:47 from close-up. BTW: The newer CamBoard nano delivers a comparable performance using just 1 LED to illuminate the scene.